Spiritual Resources

We offer prayer, readings, music, and reflections to support our hearts and minds during this time of uncertainty.

  • Livestreams from the
  • with Monsignor Harry Schlitt and God Squad Productions 

if you are looking for student counseling resources, please click .

Spiritual Guidance for Families
Our school chaplain, Fr. Cameron Faller, is available for families who may need spiritual guidance during these times. Fr. Cameron has served the Riordan community in years past, and we are happy to have him back this year. You may reach out to him to schedule a phone call or Zoom meeting, frcfaller@newatmysite.com.


lord jesus, we gather in spirit at the foot of the cross with your mother and the disciple whom you loved. we ask your pardon for our sins which are the cause of your death.

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Holy Virgin, take us under your protection and open us to the action of the Holy Spirit. Saint John, obtain for us the grace of taking Mary
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may the father and the son and the holy spirit be glorified in all places through the immaculate virgin mary.